BOX is a tailored platform to the current needs of exporters, which makes the claims process less costly and more transparent. BOX will enable an expedite the survey process, provide instant reports, at a transparent cost, reflecting the current reality.

The #boxforstuffing, allows you to create instantaneous cargo stuffing reports, providing additional protection if a claim is lodged against a carrier.

Part of the customers’ problems is not having instantaneous stuffing reports. The lack of reports during the recovery process gives the carrier the chance to question the procedures at origin and reduce the levels of expected compensations.

With this mobile app, the exporter can effectively control errors in the ventilation/temperature settings and create a photographic back-up to record each pallet temperature.

Do you want to access this platform?

Do you want to access this platform?

#boxforclaims is a web module that allows the user to start a cargo claim and request a survey process at destination.

This state-of-the-art technological tool incorporates Google maps, which not only allows you to find surveyors available near where the survey will take place, but also calculates the estimated cost based on traffic/distance and time used. It also allows interaction between the exporter and surveyor so they can receive specific instructions and immediately issue the report.

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The #boxforsurveyors app informs surveyors of their appointments and allows them to carry out the survey process online.

Any surveyor will be able to register and be part of this platform, provided they have the required qualifications to carry out surveys on perishable goods. This platform will generate jobs, freeing up time spent on generating survey reports and eliminating the need for timetables and offices.

Do you want to access this platform?

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